The Acros washing machine with two 15 kg tubs will make your laundry space look modern and up-to-date with its new aesthetic, it includes MAXSPINDRY with which you will obtain a maximum speed of squeezing, leaving your clothes and those of your entire family 50% drier, in addition to which is 30% faster: washing 3 loads in 45 minutes. It has a larger capacity, cycles and functions that are very easy to use, as easy as turning the knob, it is also more practical since you can add clothes to the cycle only when you need it. Its impeller washing system will help you keep your clothes as new by offering you 5 wash cycles: Delicate, Colors, Normal, White and Heavy, 2 wash forces, as well as features that adapt to you such as rinse cycle, trap filter removable lint and drained by gravity. Acros® Inspired by you.

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General data

Ability – 15kg
Washing system – per impeller
Height – 99.5 cm
Width – 86.5 cm
Depth – 49 cm

cycles and options

Number of cycles – 5
Cycles – Delicate clothes, Colors, Normal, White and Heavy
Washing forces – 2 Wash Forces: Normal, Intense
Squeezed / Spin – Side vat squeezing with MaxSpin Dry
Additional options – Timer up to 15 min

Main Features

Automatic Water Level – No
Agitator Type – Driving
Storage Drawer – No
Drainage system – By gravity
Door / Lid – Panoramic with gray finish

Additional characteristics

Lint Filter – Yes, removable
Filling Hose Included – Yes
Drain Hose Included – Yes
Additional characteristics – Reinforced plastic base