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    Auto-iQ Technology

    One-Touch Intelligence for healthier living, made easy.

    Auto-iQ knows what to do! Unique blending, pulsing, and pausing patterns to deliver consistent, even results every time. Press one button and it’s done!

    Auto-iQ programs do the work for you—there’s no more need to shake, stir, or mix. Simply select your favorite Auto-iQ program and in seconds you’re ready to Jump-Start your day!

    Ninja Auto-iQ Technology is pre-programmed settings with unique blending patterns that deliver smooth consistent results, with no guesswork required.

    Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction

    Extract Hidden Nutrition*** From Whole Fruits and Vegetables. Fit more fruits & vegetables into your daily routine with Nutri Ninja

    Ninja Auto-iQ Technology combined with Pro Extractor Blades and Ninja power break down whole foods, ice & seeds for nutrient & vitamin extraction** in the Nutri Ninja Cups.

    *Nutrient Extractor: Extract a nutritious drink from fruits and vegetables.

    **Extract a drink containing vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

    ***By blending whole fruits and vegetables, including portions that are usually discarded.